What places are the best for apartment for rent in Ba Dinh?

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Ba Dinh district has always been a famous destination within the expats’ community of Hanoi for perfect accommodation, adequate amenities and prime location. When living in this particular district, many of the expats choose for themselves a suitable home in the following areas, including Truc Bach area, Linh Lang Str. and Kim Ma area.

What it has to offer at Truc Bach area

The Truc Bach area of Ba Dinh district bears a quite interesting name which is the “Hidden gem” of Hanoi. It is no exaggeration to call it that because although the place is not as vibrant, touristy and dynamic as Hoan Kiem district, it brings out a pleasant vibe of laid-back, easy and calm living style. If you are looking for apartment for rent in Ba Dinh and a life out of the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, you should consider living in Truc Bach area. The first reason to do this is the atmosphere. In contrast to the rush accompanied by dust and dirt on the streets of Hanoi, the rhythm and the pace of transportation here is surprisingly slow. Expats who are tired of the rush and deafening vehicle sounds may find it very relaxing and calm when living in this area, even when commuting.

One more thing you should know that there are not many big and luxury housing projects and apartment buildings in Truc Bach area. Instead, expats will be living in a place surrounded by houses, pagodas and low-rise buildings, meaning that you can get a stunning view over Truc Bach Lake and West Lake without being blocked. About the apartment for rent available here, expats have very diverse choices in terms of number of bedrooms (1 to 3 bedroom apartments are all available), types of property (serviced apartments, studio apartment, etc.)

Linh Lang Str. – the Japantown of Hanoi

In the market of apartment for rent in Ba Dinh, Linh Lang Str. and the surrounding area of Ngoc Khanh Ward is the gathering of many Japanese expats. Unlike the hustling atmosphere in the central area of Hoan Kiem district, expats coming to this part of the city can feel a sense of tranquility and cleanliness in the air. The streets are much less crowded and the people are never in a hurry, making the living pace here very calm, which is very suitable for Japanese expats.

Like any other place for expats in Hanoi, Linh Lang Str. and the surrounding area is packed with many Japanese-themed restaurants and stores. All of these are served in both Japanese and Vietnamese, creating much convenience for any customer. Local bars and pubs are also very diverse, serving in accordance with Japanese culture. Many Japanese expats reportedly said that they were surprised by the precision of the cultural details in these stores because it reminded them so much of their home country. Many real estate agents and expert highly recommend this place for those who wants to live in a civilized a quiet neighborhood with a large community of Japanese expats.

Kim Ma – Dao Tan area for a more vibrant lifestyle

On the contrary to the calm living style of Truc Bach and Linh Lang area, expats who want to live a more active and vibrant life can choose many apartment for rent in Ba Dinh on the axis of Kim Ma and Dao Tan Street. This place is the center of many economic and financial activities, most of which happen at the Lotte Centre and Vinhomes Metropolis. Thanks to the presence of the Lotte Centre and other exciting shopping malls and entertainment centers, residents living here can enjoy a life with many amenities and facilities.

Alongside this axis, expats can find many stores and shops of all brands and utilities, including the famous and the local ones. With the diversity in terms of amenities and services, getting to work, eat, drink, etc. is a breeze. For apartment for rent here, expats will see extraordinary new high-rise buildings with breathtaking interior designs. Luxury apartments are always available here, especially in Vinhomes Metropolis.

The housing market of Hanoi in general and of apartment for rent in Ba Dinh in particular is very diverse with 3 outstanding areas with different traits. Expats can have many housing choice just by looking into these places.

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