Vegetarian restaurant in Saigon (10 Best)

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You are a vegetarian, right? It is safe to say that you are becoming weary of searching for where to eat during your Vietnam visit and particularly day trips in Ho Chi Minh City? The article with 5 must visit vegetarian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city will be your illumination beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Murmur Vegetarian – Parlor and Restaurant


– No. 32, Vo Van Tan Road, Ward 6, Area 3, HCM City

– No. 2 Thi Sach Road, Ben Nghe Ward, Area 1, HCM City

Opening times: 10:00AM – 10:00PM

Cost: from VND100,000 – 500,000

To explorers to Vietnam, who are vegetarians, looking for where to have suppers is the thing that they will without a doubt be engrossed with. For this case, Murmur Vegetarian – Parlor and Restaurant – the must visit vegetarian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City is for sure intended to serve the network of vegetarians and even those who wish to taste dishes without meat. Situated in the downtown area (Region 1 and 3), Murmur is absolutely advantageous to experience and simple to get. With the comfortable and serene mood, rich architectural style, and crisp elements for all plans, the restaurant isn’t simply a spot to appreciate nourishment, yet additionally carries the most ideal approach to improve your wellbeing and sustain your spirit too. It is conceivable to state that under the accomplished gourmet experts’ hands, culinary pleasures are increasingly quintessential and eye-catching. It completely merits an attempt!

Prem Bistro and Bistro

Area: 204 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Road, Region 3, HCM City

Opening times: 9:00AM – 10:00PM

Cost: from VND30,000

It used to be arranged at 129/4 Vo Van Tan Road, Ward 6, Region 3 preceding moving to this present area. Casted a ballot as one of the must visit vegetarian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city, Prem Bistro and Bistro lets you dive into the agreeable space to recuperate your vitality following a day brimming with action, also the most amazing dishes from new vegetal fixings. The word Prem implies Love in Sanskrit, which is actually the thing the restaurant mean to as far as the clients’ inclination; it wants to make the feel in which the clients think they are being at home. Particularly, the menu differs with the Asian and European styles, for example, carrot soup, quinoa serving of mixed greens, quinoa chickpeas veggie bowl, vegetarian palak paneer, spinach soup, and so on.

Saigon Veggie lover restaurant

Saigon Vegan restaurant

Area: 378/3 Vo Van Tan Road, Ward 5, Region 3, HCM City

Opening times: 8:00AM – 10:00PM

Cost: from VND80,000 – 165,000

Another must visit vegetarian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city is Saigon Veggie lover restaurant. On the off chance that taking a risk to encounter an excursion to investigate the Vietnam’s magnificence in culture, way of life and cooking, and for the situation that you are a vegetarian, you should come to absorb the peaceful space and taste the great “works of art” of the master gourmet specialists here. It won’t let you down without a doubt. You will be overpowered by an assortment of courses in the menu, and even beverages are additionally in a wide determination. The greater part of these dishes and beverages are incredible to appreciate, however a short point is that the restaurant is extremely packed in vegetarian days, so it is encouraged to abstain from coming here those occasions.

Bong Sung restaurant

Area: 86 Nguyen Du Road, Ben Nghe Ward, Locale 1, HCM City

Opening times: 24 hours

Cost: from VND20,000 – 270,000

For day trips in Ho Chi Minh City, encountering the Vietnamese veggie food is without a doubt one of the entrancing things for vegetarians. It is accepted that Bong Sung Restaurant – among the must visit vegetarian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city is a splendid stop. Although the restaurant isn’t roomy, the plan inside it effectively draws in anybody coming here as it is really beguiling and rich. The nourishment from crisp fixings is very much tasted and reasonable for the hunger of numerous individuals at any age.

ROU Vegetarian Restaurant

Area: 37B Co Bac Road, Cau Ong Lanh Ward, Locale 1

Opening times: 8:30AM – 2:00PM and 4:00PM – 10:00PM

Cost: from VND40,000 – 140,000

Searching for where to appreciate while you are a vegetarian isn’t troublesome in Ho Chi Minh City, however getting in the spot satisfying your taste will require some exhortation. It is assumed that ROU Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the must visit vegetarian restaurants for a Ho Chi Minh City visit. Entering the restaurant, you will feel warm and comfortable with the cordial planned structure for family or companion social events; furthermore, the dishes are painstakingly arranged from delectable and new vegetables which guarantee you will have an adequate admission of fiber and nutrients. An or more point is that the staff serves hospitably and caringly.